Yuris Kouznetsov's 2014 Pikes Peak Build December 25, 2014 11:16

Pikes Peak 2014 - Yuri Kouznetsov

Yuris 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 9 started in january 2014 as a well used ASP autocross car. The goal was to convert the car to TA1 spec for the 2014 Pikes Peak International Hill climb.


We began by stripping the interior to the shell, removing weight when possible, and adding a NASA/PPIHC legal cage.


With the cage in place, RECARO has been a major supporter for us and we chose to run their HANS seat to maximize the safety inside the car.

The exterior of the car was outfitting with an APR performance GT1000 dual element wing with our own custom CNCed uprights. The front of the car was equipped with our custom front splitter made from alumalite. The body was upgraded with a APR Performance widebody kit installed and painted matte grey at Apex Autoworks in Houston.

With the car ready, it performed well at the PPIHC. Yuri on his first time driving the car placed 7th in class with an elapsed time of 11:02.