Dailey Engineering Dry Sump System for Evo 4-9

$ 5,163.00

Using Dailey Engineering's billet oil pan and 3-stage, or optional 4-stage, dry sump pump this system can be configured to meet the oil flow demand of any 4G63 configuration and will maintain constant oil pressure throughout the entire RPM range. This system will effectively evacuate the crankcase of the blow-by gasses that leak past the piston rings, creating negative crankcase pressure, and increasing performance.         

 Optional Pressure Gear Sizes: 

Increased 20%: 1.450" - Recommended for billet aluminum engine blocks

Standard OEM: 1.250"


Optional 4-Stage Pump: This option is available to those who want an added scavenge section for scavenging either a remote turbo, oil from the cylinder head, or for added vacuum capacity. 


  • The A/C compressor will need to relocated or removed for this system to be installed
  • If using the OEM block the dipstick port and balance shaft oiling holes need to be plugged.
  • These are built to order so please check with us for ETA after placing your order. 

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