Aeromotive Billet Hex Fuel Pump (11107)

$ 1,019.95

Get the same unparalleled performance you get from our Billet Belt Drive Fuel Pump (P/N 11105), with the convenience of direct drive. The Hex Drive Fuel Pump can be mounted and driven directly from the back of a properly prepared external oil pump or driven directly by the cam through a timing cover adapter. Designed to solve fuel delivery problems in high horsepower, forced-induction EFI applications, as well as the now popular, carbureted applications on gas or methanol.

  • Fuel injected engines: GAS
    up to 3800 FWHP – naturally aspirated
    up to 2920 FWHP – forced air induction
  • Fuel injected engines: METHANOL
    up to 1,450 FWHP – naturally aspirated
    up to 1000 FWHP – forced air induction

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