Buschur Racing Double Pumper Evo 8/9

$ 595.00

This is the newest addition to our line up of fueling options for the Evolution. This is a TRUE drop in setup and it is all done while retaining the stock fuel lines and sending unit. No modification is needed to run this. This setup is similar to the one used on David Buschur's 9sec. daily driven Evo RS. His RS is making over 700whp on our Mustang Dyno and at this power level as well as some even lower we found out this setup was definately needed.

This setup includes 2 Walbro fuel pumps, all necessary lines, wiring, custom CNC'd billet aluminum fittings, new sending unit gasket and fuel filter.


We have cores available to have them made with no downtime if we are doing the installation.  Unfortunately we dont have enough cores to sell them outright, so this product is on an exchange basis only.

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