MAP, Boost and Pressure Sensors

$ 163.95

MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure (Boost Sensor) sensor. 50 PSI / 3.5 Bar absolute pressure. P/N 2130-50-A.
Reads from full vacuum (25.5 inHg / -650 mmHg) up to 35.3 PSI gauge at sea level. Military/Medical grade sensor in stainless steel housing. Electrically protected and temperature compensated for unprecedented accuracy -- perfect for MAP readings in a hot engine bay. Less expensive than most peak and hold boost gauges.

Connect to the Zt-2 "User2", "Boost", or "User1" inputs. The vacuum to 35.3 PSI (2.4 BAR) reading can be display in the LCD, ZR-2, and datalogging software as a pressure reading when connected to the "Boost" or "User2" inputs. The sensors 0-5 volt output also makes it easy to use with 3rd party engine management systems.

Connecting harness (1 foot) and hose barb included. See here for additional installation tips and sensor specifications. An 8 foot connecting harness is also available for this item. Made in the USA.

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