ETS Evo X Titanium Lower Piping Kit

$ 645.00

The ETS EVO X intercooler piping kit is next in line and is a very cool modular package. The upper intercooler piping starts with a smooth mandrel bent 2.5" stock turbo outlet pipe which connects to the remainder of the hot side piping. The stock turbo outlet pipe is separate to allow it to be swapped out with the installation of our EVO X turbo kit to come so that the remainder of the upper piping can be retained. Making the connection from the turbo outlet pipe to the intercooler is a single-piece mandrel bent 2.5" upper intercooler pipe. From the intercooler outlet the 2.5" mandrel bent piping continues around the core support, with only two gradual radius bends in its entire length, to the lower intercooler pipe bracket before making a straight shot to the throttle body.


2.50" Mandrel Bent Piping.
Upgradable Upper Intercooler Pipe.
Upper Intercooler Pipe Bracket
Lower Intercooler Pipe Bracket
4-ply Silicone.
T-Bolt Clamps.
Fits GSR and MR
Includes all mounting hardware.
Lower piping does not block the oil cooler ducting like some of the competitor pipes.

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