Evolution Dynamics Surge Tank Kit Evo X

$ 1,000.00

This is our in house designed and build surge tank kit for the evo X.   If you track or autocross your car you will find that during hard Left hand corners, the engine may bog down mid corner resulting in poor exit speed.  This is a result of the stock fuel tank design and sending unit basket not being able to send a continous supply of fuel to the engine.   This is where the surge tank comes in.   The surge tank kit acts like a capacitor.   When the main tank starves mid corner, the surge tank still has a reserve supply which is what is directly feeding the engine.   Now you will be able to run the main tank as low as you want and still be able to corner hard.

We offer the kit with either a Walbro 255 external pump for applications up to 450whp on e85,  or with a bosch 044 fuel pump for larger turbo applications.   if a single 044 isnt enough, we can custom make duel pump setups (contact us directly for information and pricing).

The kit includes everything you need to install and get running.   Hard anodized black aluminum tank, walbro 255 external pump, all lines, all fittings, wiring, and hardware is supplied.

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