Evospec Performance 4-8 Cherry Sensor Cam Sensor Adapter Kit

$ 150.00

The adapter bolts right to the OEM OR EvoSpec cam sensor housings. They also will work on any housing that utilities the oem sensor. The adapters are also O ringed on the one side just like the factory cam sensor insuring a leak free installation.

This adapter for the sensor is unique unlike anything else offered. You will notice 4 alignment marks on the front of the adapter. This is so that you can easily and properly setup the sensor spacing from the reluctor wheel in a matter of seconds. I made a video explaining exactly how to set this up. This is no more then a 5 minute job on most of your common setups. Install, set gap, done. Enjoy.🙂

These have been tested on several cars and ECUs with great results so far. These should have no issues working on any ecu. Your ecu does depend on what sensor is provided to you though. So keep that in mind when ordering. There is a drop down menu selecting the ecu you have when placing your order.

We have 4 color options available. Raw, black, red, purple. Each kit comes with the following:

  • 1 adapter
  • 1 titanium mounting bolt
  • 2 O rings ( one for install and one as a spare)
  • 1 cherry sensor that was made PNP
  • 2 cherry sensor locking nuts


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