Evospec Performance Adjustable Reverse Cam Sensor Housing and Cover/Shields Evo 4-8

$ 295.00


  • Billet  cam sensor housing
  • Billet cover + sensor shield
  • 18 degrees of + / – adjustability
  • (2) O-Rings for the front and back on the housing
  • (2) Additional O-Rings as a spare set
  • SS hardware for the housing, cover, ground wire, and sensor.
  • Additional options are a non sensor shield cover.

Here is a few benefits with using this setup:

  1. Adjustable housing gives you the ability to re phase the sensor with the crank sensor for those who have resurfaced the block and head.
  2. Pulls the sensor away from the turbo manifold heat that is known to damage the sensor from being to hot. This also helps prolong the life of the sensor
  3. Now prevents you from breaking the plug or end of the sensor off from working on the car and accidentally hitting it
  4. Puts less stress on the wires by not being bent 180 degrees.
  5. O-Ringed front and back housing. No more RTV. No more gaskets. No more oil leaking
  6. And lastly because its awesome.

NOTE. Evo 4/5/6 will require the Evo 7/8/9 T stat housing to allow full adjustment swing and cover shield clearance.

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