Powerhouse Racing 4G63 Locking adjustable Cam Gears

$ 201.88

Powerhouse Racing is proud to introduce the Billet Adjustable Locking Cam Gear for the 4G63 engine!

An adjustable cam gear is important for dialing in opening and closing events on a camshaft as well as lobe centerline. Your camshaft was designed to target these specific events and an adjustable cam gear is required to meet your camshaft manufacturer's specifications.

Beyond that, you may be able to find additional horsepower or tweak your power curve to meet your specific needs by using our Billet Adjustable Locking Cam Gear to adjust your valve timing.

PHR Billet Adjustable Locking Cam Gears are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. The outer gear is hard anodized gray to take any abuse you can throw at it! The provided stainless hardware will never tarnish or rust.

The PHR Billet Adjustable Locking Cam Gear is the only cam gear in the world designed for the 4G63 engine that offers a way of locking the gear position, eliminating any chance of slip. The PHR Billet Adjustable Locking Cam Gear includes 0 degree position locks which will be the most widely used position. For those wanting to adjust their cam timing, the PHR Adjustment Lock Kit allows you to adjust your cam timing from 1 to 9 degrees, positive or negative.

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