STM Coil-On-Plug Ignition for Evo 9 with GTR NGK Coils

$ 679.00

stmstmhis STM Coil-On-Plug (COP) Ignition System for the Evo 4/5/6/7/8 features the R35 GTR NGK coils that can support up to 800 horsepower! If you are at the limits of your current ignition, this is the next step up!

Shipping Times: 2-4 Weeks
These COP kits are hand assembled and recently we've been waiting on components for them to be completed. Accounting for build and wait time, these kits typically ship in 2-4 weeks, sometimes sooner!

Vehicle Fitment:
1996-2005 Evolution IV V VI VII VIII
• Tuning is REQUIRED with the GTR coils
• Designed for use with OEM valve covers only
• Does not fit the Magnus aluminum valve cover and this is unconfirmed with the FrontlineFab cover
• We offer these kits in a few different styles for Evo 9 and Evo 4-8. See More COP Options

More Info:
The STM Coil-On-Plug Ignition System is USA-Made with genuine GTR NGK ignition coils and features a waterproof harness constructed from military grade Tefzel Teflon wire, Stay-Clean wire sheathing and a thick, carbon fiber mounting plate with stainless and aluminum hardware.

This ignition is designed for modified builds from 400 to 800 HP. Designed for use with the stock ECU and is also compatible with AEM EMS V1 & V2, Haltech, MegaSquirt and the SunAuto Hyperforce. This system will NOT work with CDI boxes or the HKS DLI.

Tuning will be required with the GTR coils. You cannot just swap these in and drive normally. It's recommended to install this ignition on the dyno with your tuner.

• Handle 800+ HP
• Plug and Play
• Greatly reduce or eliminate partial throttle bucking
• Better idle quality
• Accelerates like a new car
• Run more boost
• Machine cut wiring
• All crimps done on crimping machine
• 4 coils instead of 2
• Custom, longer springs made in the USA
• Hotter spark
• Run more gap for better fuel burn
• Plugs last longer due to less fouling
• No wimpy spark plug wires to worry about
• Plug changes take minutes less
• Increased gas mileage
• Lightest system available
• No problem-prone CDI Boxes
• Looks great!
• Non corrosive hardware will keep it looking great!
• Beautiful Carbon Fiber mounting plate
• Directions included
• 3 Year Warranty on Coils
• Lifetime on Workmanship (Harness, Mount Plate)

(1) Assembled STM Coil-On-Plug Ignition System
(1) Assembled Wire Harness
(1) Zip Tie
(2) Stainless Bolts
(2) Stainless Washers
(1) 15 AMP Fuse

Install Notes:
Make sure you replace the included 15A fuse in the fuse box on the driver side under the dash. The ignition puts out more power than the factory 10A fuse can handle and it will eventually pop and your car will not start if it does. It is located from the driver seat by your left knee in the interior fuse box, top left, red fuse, #1 position.

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