Torque Solution Adjustable Rear Control Arms for Evo 7-9 (TS-EV-650)

$ 599.99

Torque Solution Adjustable Rear Control Arms are designed to correct the rear suspension geometry on your lowered Evolution 7/8/9. If you are experiencing uneven tire wear due to too much camber this kit will help bring your alignment back in spec for better performance and longer lasting tires. The factory camber adjustment range is not enough to bring your car back within spec after lowering the vehicle. If you plan to track your car for the optimal contact patch or get the full life of your tires these are a must have!!

Requires NO modification to chassis and is a direct bolt on replacement part. Can be used on daily driven street cars and is highly recommended for Street or Track setups.

- Made out of 7075 Billet Aluminum
- Weighs 3lbs 4oz Per Arm (3.25 lbs) (6.5lbs Per Set)
- Black anodized / Torque Solution Laser engraved
- 85A Durometer Urethane Bushings
- Nickel Plated 4130 Chromoly Adjuster
- High Quality Teflon Lined Spherical Bearing FK Rod Ends
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Sold As A Pair
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Replaces Mitsubishi factory part # MR554793. May fit older models that use this same part #.

**Important Note: Recommend professional installation and that an alignment is performed after installing this kit.

**Torque the M5 Allen Bolts to 150 inch lbs. After about 100 miles double check all bolts are still properly torqued.

***Urethane Bushings and Rod ends are wear and tear items, which are not covered under warranty.

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