Torque Solution Mustache Bar Eliminator (evo 8/9)

$ 211.00

The Torque Solution Mustache Bar Eliminator is designed to eliminate that annoying rear differential "clunk" under hard shifts from the rear of your car. Made from 100% billet 6061 aluminum and CNC machined for accurate tolerances.

*This piece requires SOLID OR URETHANE BUSHINGS!!! We are offering it without the bushings for those of you who may already have the bushings on your car and dont need them but keep in mind they are REQUIRED!!!

-Eliminates the " CLUNK " when shifting hard
-Drops 13lbs off the car
-Reduces wheel hop / traction loss
-Improved 60fts / e.t's
-1000HP+ and 8sec e.t. torture tested
-Lifetime Warranty

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